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I am a Libyan student under taking a research degree in Information Science at University of Huddersfield. I have always enjoyed school and learning. My love of learning has been the key to my academic success. After graduating from secondary school in Libya, I decided to pursue higher education. I chose to read Library and Information Science and taken an undergraduate course in the subject at Garyounis University. After obtaining my BA, I then took a Master degree course. I worked in Garyounis University for 6 years as a lecturer. I tought various courses including:

I have published one book in titled: Information Centres and Information systems. And an article in titled: Information and Documentation Centres in Libya: Actuality & Ambition I found my work both challenging and interesting. After obtaining my Master degree and finding encouragement from my tutors and family, I decided to take a PhD in Information Science. I consider obtaining a PhD from the School of Computing and Engineering at Huddersfield University is important step in achieving my goals. I am prepared to invest my time and energies towards earning that degree. I hope to do well at Huddersfield University. I have a strong interest in, Knowledge Management, which is demonstrated through my work experience, and personal interests. This is the reason that I have chosen the topic for my research in the area of knowledge management and in Communities of Practice in particular. The context of the research is how tacit knowledge could be captured from experts who the knowledge which is held in individual mind can be made explicit by creating an ontology of information science.

I believe that I take full advantage of the opportunities offered by studying in the Uk in general and in Huddersfield particularly. Huddersfield the largest town in the UK. I have broadend my knowledge of my subject since I have studied here. I attended conferences as:

I have attended Various of training & development courses as part of staff development programme 2008 – 2009, at Huddersfield University including:

Also I have attended the course of introduction to ontology in OWL,on 19 – 20 May 2009 - Manchester University.

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