About the Ontocop

It is an ontology which we will build it via a community of practice of Information Science. Ontocop was originally launched in October 2009. It is a PhD project in Huddersfield University by a research student Ahlam Sawsaa. Ontocop is the first website to bring together professionals, libarians, researchers and scholars of Information science from any discipline across the global. It is a virtual community instead of real space and time.

Ontocop provides an easy way of making contact and communicating with others who share common research interests in the field of Information science.

Ontocop also aims to build an ontology for Information Science: concepts, bounderies,relationships and definitions through community of practice which is the best way to acquire tacit knowledge

Together we will collabrate to create an ontology of Information science. Also, we will create:

To provide professionals (specialists) with an easy way of meeting and discussing their interests with others in a global,multi-disciplinary environment

If you would like to kept informed of information updates or to join our mailing list please email: ontocop